Critical Principles Of Organizational Development Essay

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Critical principles in leading organizational development as an administrator in a local church context Introduction There are a number of core principles that can guarantee successful operations in leading organizations. While the principles have been applied for a long time within the context of profit-making organizations, it is crucial to mention that successful administration of a local church also requires the same principles. The church is a non-profit making organization. However, the key administrative skills required to run a local church are similar to the principles of organizational development discussed in this essay. This paper explores critical principles in leading organizational development and how the principles can be employed in the administration of a local church. Principles of organizational development Empowerment, self-awareness, authenticity, collaboration, respect and inclusion are some of the key principles of organizational development. The opinion and perspective of every employee in an organization should be valued under the respect and inclusion principle. A client and the practitioner should also foster a collaborative working relationship. This principle should be extended throughout the organization. Organizational members should also be encouraged to practice authenticity in the course of delivering…show more content…
If the organization is small, it includes all members from support staff to executives. In the case of larger organizations, these are the teams or different services (the "organizational family") that perform all analysis for improvements in their respective units. With the involvement of all members of the organization, workers develop a sense of ownership and responsibility for the organization. Participation and involvement in the improvement process increase staff motivation and the quality of their

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