Orthopedic Situation Speech

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Good morning Bruce,

I received word from your office that the orthopedic IME reports say that I am fine for full duty and expected to return to full duty on tomorrow morning. I will not be returning to work as I have not been released by Dr. Hogans. She has only cleared me to work for 2 hours a day from home. If I need to go back to work without pay status then that is what I will have to do. I need you to see if you can get this hearing expedited as I am being denied all of my medical care again.

As the reports have indicated from Dr. Hogans, a neurologist and pain management doctor, I have experiencing neurological issues in my shoulder which have been noted by the PTs at National Rehab Hospital and now the Work Hardening PT, Michael …show more content…

With the combination of pain management/ neurological intervention interfacing I am finally seeing progress. However, I have only been allowed 2 visits with Dr. Hogans before IWIF requested an IME and now claims I'm fine and again they are approaching this matter from an orthopedic structural shoulder perspective when the reports say I am having a neurological issue!

IWIF first denied me access to Dr. Hogans for nearly 2 months despite a referral request from Dr. Michael Shear who advised that he did not feel he was properly equipped to treat and prescribe medication for me due to the complexity of my migraine medications and referred me to Dr. Hogans in his report. It took IWIF nearly two months to approve the referral thus causing all the work hardening visits to be used up without me receiving the pain management evaluation and, if appropriate, medications that were supposed to bolster the work hardening

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