Outline The Factors That Drive Change Swot Analysis

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Introduction In this report I will outline factors that drive change, such as political, legal, social economical and technical. l will discuss ways of working in partnership with departments, agencies, medical practitioners and local authorities I will then discuss strategies for dealing with change, I will continue by discussing some change models and the impact change has on health and social care organisation in the NHS. 1.1 Explain the key factors that drive change in health and social care services Change is about making modification for adjusting to situations that influence change and may be described as a cognitive restructuring and adaptation to organisation change and as a series of steps that changes the practice. Nesterkin,2013. …show more content…

SWOT analysis is internal factors, such as strength, weakness, opportunity, threat, skills and systems. Staff, structure, and shared values are considered in change. These factors are important in health and social care organisations as in the given case study Royal United Hospital weakness was shown in leadership style, leadership fail to monitor progress of change as mention in CQC report for RUH, during first report 2013. Report mention that DSU hydration chart was not filled in which is resistance to change. McKinsey 7-S Framework continue to inform management thinking when introduce in the 1970, style, strategy, skill systems, shared values, staff and structure, it address the critical role of coordination rather than structure, but as organisations grew the frame work, is used as a tool to diagnose how organisation

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