Overcoming Obstacles: A Personal Narrative Of My Life

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I’m laying on the ground my ears are ringing as I slowly get to my feet I notice a sharp pain in my left arm. This whole idea was put in my head about a month before. Recently, at 5:30 I am sitting under a pavilion listening to the rock and roll music blasting in the background while eating a bagel I 'm not saying much I am looking back at the my first year of riding and wonder how i got to wear i am today, awaiting the start of my first 100 mile mtb race, i recognize how breaking my arm was instrumental to my success as a mountain biker. I think back to when it all started just over a year ago. I think back to that particularly boring summer day when I decided to ride my bike again. It had been a nearly two years since I had ridden last. It sparked something inside of me. Soon mountain biking consumed my every thought. Soon I decided to set my sights on ultra endurance mountain bike race ,ORAMM. I had eight months to train for the 60 miles and 10,000 feet of elevation gain. A few weeks later I decided that clip in pedals would help me finish ORAMM. One rainy fall afternoon I decided to go out and practice getting in and out of clip pedals. I started riding and then in while taking a turn too fast I crashed, leaving me on the ground my ears ringing and with a sharp pain …show more content…

Each week off the bike felt like an eternity. After a week I decided to try and ride with my cast. I rode around my neighborhood for a short time, but soon my arm started to hurt again. I stopped, disappointed that my arm had started hurting again. I didn 't try and ride again for the next five weeks. As soon as my cast came off I was back to riding my bike. If my injury did anything, it motivated me to want to ride more. Soon I was training harder than ever and getting faster every ride. Breaking my arm also taught me to be more careful when riding clipped in. Soon came race day I finished in 7 hours 20 minutes. I had not only finished, I also set the record for under 16 and won the youth

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