Overcoming Obstacles In 'The Dust Bowl'

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Overcoming adversities can be difficult for all types of individuals.There are many ways humans conquer difficult or small adversities. People overcome adversity by learning to live with it , being persistent, and by embracing their obstacles. To begin, learning to live through an obstacle is a way to conquer an adversity. In “The Dust Bowl” video people are living through terrible dust storms. The people who had to live through the dust storms could not control it so they had to live with it. If there is an obstacle you really can not control you have to learn to live with it and learn how to live around it. People living within the dust bowl got dust in their houses and often got sick because the dust got into their lungs. A way they learn to live with it and around it is they covered their noses and mouths. The people living in the dust bowl also barricaded their homes for protection. To conclude, a way to overcome an obstacle is by learning how to live with it. …show more content…

In “Soul Surfer” Bethany Hamilton has her arm bitten off in a shark attack. Bethany was persistent when learning how to do everyday tasks with only one arm. A lot of everyday tasks might seem simple, but Bethany had only one arm which made most of them harder. Bethany wanted to get back to surfing after losing her arm. Surfing was something Bethany always loved to do, and after losing her arm it was going to be difficult. Bethany knew going back to surfing would be hard, but she did it anyways. She tried and tried, and eventually she could surf again. She didn't let failure stop her from doing what she loved. In conclusion, a way to overcome is by having

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