Pa Wissman's Reason For Attending College

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College is a big deal for many students around the world. It is a step up from high school, which you are required by law to finish. College is a special school in which you can earn a diploma and work towards your desired career. Pamela Wissman went to the University of Cincinnati when she was 18 years old. She ended at age 23, then started again at 28. Finally, she finished college at 31 years old. Pam found herself happy with the school.

Even though Pam liked her new university, she still felt sad about her friends and family back home, especially her parents. This was the first time she’d ever truly been away from her home in Indiana, and it took some getting used to. Even though Pam felt as if she would never get over her homesickness, she eventually did and continued to go to college for 8 years. …show more content…

She knew she had to work hard if she wanted to graduate. So, Pam made sure to set an alarm and get up early each morning. She never skipped class, no matter how tired or lazy she felt. Lastly, she would write everything down in a calendar so she wouldn’t forget which assignments to complete or when a paper was

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