Argumentative Essay: Is College Worth Its Cost?

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Do you think college is worth its cost? In an everyday society technology is changing every minute. College education will make sure that young adults are prepared for the new world and the challenges of working and being responsible citizens.Learning is always worthwhile. According to Rebecca Mead, staff writer for The New Yorker, college teaches students, "to nurture critical thought; to expose individuals to the signal accomplishments of humankind; to develop in them an ability not just to listen actively but to respond intelligently;" all of which "are habits of mind…from which a letter carrier, no less than a college professor, might derive a sense of self-worth."_ College also allows students to explore many different job opportunities. …show more content…

69% say it was very useful in helping them grow and mature as a person. 55% say it was very useful in helping them prepare for a job or career. While Americans value college, they value character even more. Asked what it takes for a young person to succeed in the world, 61% say a good work ethic is extremely important and 57% say the same about knowing how to get along with people. Just 42% say the same about a college education. According to the Pact the 3 friends had to overcome many different obstacles and change their ways to complete college. The three friends names were Sam, George, and Rameck. They all started with a dream of going to college and completing their dreams.They wanted to be an emergency room physician , an internist , and a dentist. At the beginning of their journey to college they were messing up and they were trying to fit in. Once they seen that it wasn’t cool to fit in they started working towards their dreams. They started studying and making good grades; then they all received scholarships to premiere schools. Once they were they were in college they full filled their dreams and and became doctors. In conclusion there are many reasons why college is worth its cost. There are many opportunities you can receive if you go to college and use all the benefits. It will be one of the best things you would ever do in

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