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A public sector organization is responsible to the government. This is in contrast to organizations from the private sector, which are controlled by private parties. An example of the organization of the public sector is the public school system

Pakistan International Airlines PIA is known as airline seat in Karachi, which is the national carrier of Pakistan. The main hub is Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, while their side blocks. The airline was founded on 23 October 1946, Eastern Airlines, originally based in Calcutta for the division of British India. And later he earned four Douglas DC-3s. The airline was nationalized January 10, 1955 and changed its name to Pakistan International Airlines. Its first international flight
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In 1945, the founder of the country, Mohammed Ali Jinnah, recognized the need for potential carriers of a country for rich businessmen Mirza Ahmad Haj Dawood Aspahana and ADAMJEE for this purpose to provide financial support. At this time, he was a new airline recording "the airline of the East" in Calcutta on October 23, 1946. In February 1947, the airline bought three Douglas DC -3 aircraft and was licensed to fly in the same year. Airlines began to offer in June and Kolkata to Sittwe and Yangon. On August 14, 1947, Pakistan gained independence and relief Eastern Airlines in this new country. It was the first and only airline in the hands of British Muslim rule and flew…show more content…
Karachi-Lahore-Peshawar and Quetta-Karachi Lahore: In addition, the airline has two new domestic routes. However, the airline suffered losses because the Pakistani government merged a new national airline Eastern Airways with the proposed. March 11, 1955, Orient Airways merged with the airline proposed by the government to become the Pakistan International Airlines company. The new airline, launched its first international flight to Cairo and Rome, Karachi London Heathrow Airport [15] four newly acquired Lockheed L

Revenue growth, Prime Minister of Pakistan has approved a modernization of the fleet of twenty new generation narrow body, four Boeing 777-300ER and four ATR 72-500 turboprops. These aircraft replace PIA quickly. A310, on the other hand, reduced oil consumption 737-900ER 5.500 $ 2.500 $ oil. In addition, an 85% occupancy rate and 12.5 hours daily use of aircraft, an additional 72 million or a gain of $ 720 million.
The air of employment, which is currently widespread in airplanes to 776, will sink the highest in the world to a time adjustment. In addition, the shortest route B777 is used for long journeys. The engine change, which contribute to the reduction of costs on the basis of the flight cycles. Finally, 35 core are tested per month and 1 million

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