Paper Towns Book Report

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Paper Towns is a book written by John Green. Book is first published in 2008 and book genre is young adult and mystery. Book has been followed by the film. Paper Towns is talking about high school teenage boy Quentin Jacobsen, called also by short name Q, who lives next door to Margo Roth Spiegelman, who is his childhood love and the most popular girl in the school. In childhood days when they were friends, they found a dead man`s body. And since that day knew Quentin that Margo love mysteries. But when time passed away they were not so good friends anymore. So Quentin watched years Margo afar. In high school senior year Margo summons Quentin in late night to join her trip of revenge. And next day is Margo missing and Quentin founds out that Margo had left clues for him to find her. And so Quentin tries to find clues and find Margo and involves his friends Radar and Ben and Margo's best friend Lacey. But the closer Quentin gets finding Margo, the more he realizes that Margo is not the person as he thought she was. The transformation of the main character Quentin is that in the beginning of a book was Quentin totally in his comfort zone, he did not never miss classes and he…show more content…
They go school, graduate, go to college , have a job and family. In the book they actually gave description about meaning of a words paper towns. And that meaning is usable in a real life too, because author John Green is writing about his experience about looking paper town in real life with his friend. So paper town means town what exist only on the map. And in the book is Margo talking about paper towns how everything is made of paper including people who live in it. I really liked her sentence about it “a paper town for a paper girl”, because she thinked that she is too made of paper and she wanted to change that. So she did, going to adventure of her
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