Patrick Welsh Reflection Essay

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On the Way to School Reflection I have seen that documentary with my mom around the time that it first came out. Back then, I thought it was very well done, but very impactful now. All things considered, this is true because I was actually in a school setting and I could pick up details I hadn’t seen before since I knew that “plot.” Kids all over America take advantage of education. They don’t realize the importance of the law stating that children under sixteen or seventeen must be in school or any of the reforms and additions made to our government regarding the topic. In our previous debate, we talked about the differences between the forms of education, which include public, private, and homeschool, and the pro’s and con’s that come with them. The truth of the matter is that no matter the …show more content…

The tone that Welsh carried with him throughout the essay was dislikable for sure, but I understood his point. It is very true that American students, and Americans in general, need to make more of an initiative to succeed due to all that we take for granted. This goes with school work for sure, which Welsh was writing about, but he went about it in the wrong way. I partly agree with this author, but disagree partly as well because of the small sample he based his evidence off of. Welsh is a teacher in Virginia, and only took statistics and statements from students and teacher from the school that he works at. He only asks people he knows, such as his “colleague” from work and counselor from a nearby area. To get valid results, one has to have valid evidence from a larger and more diverse pot that one school. Maybe the foreign students, specifically the “Japanese and Taiwanese,” just tend to be more motivated in that particular area of

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