Paul Fisher In Edward Bloor's Tangerine

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Do you ever wonder how it feels like to have a life where you have an IEP, a brother going to prison, and two parents who never figure what’s going on? Guess who lives this life, Paul Fisher.In the novel Tangerine by Edward Bloor, Paul faces many difficult obstacles in his life, whether it’s telling the police about his brother, getting kicked off the soccer team,and choosing to go to the Tangerine Middle School.Paul and the consequences of those choices, affected the development of his character. To start off, when Paul first moves to Tangerine, Florida he attended the school known as Lake Windsor Middle School. Paul’s mother, Mrs.Fisher made Paul attend the school with an IEP since he could not see very well, however Paul was determined to make the school’s soccer team.After tryouts for…show more content…
Paul had made various claims that his father and mother show no attention towards him, and that the only thing he would want from them was to go to the Tangerine Middle School, but with no IEP. After persuading his parents, they finally agreed with him to go to the Tangerine Middle School.The first day at his new school wasn’t the best, but Paul didn’t care because he was more focused on seeing the soccer team and the players.The people on his team impacted his life dramatically, not only some of the boys were good at soccer, they were the trouble makers of the school.In the novel, it states, “I looked at her angrily.I’m officially what?A student at Tangerine Middle School.A visually impaired student?An IEP student?” All in all, Paul was moved to the Tangerine Middle School and started a new
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