Pediatric Nurse Scholarship Essay

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I always had a desire to one day be the student that shines the brightest, just as my name signifies. I believe I am the best selection for this scholarship because of my leadership abilities, community service, substantial goals, and great interests. I will be the first to admit that I did not have an overflowing amount of high school leadership roles, but personally, I felt that I could be a much more effective leader if I only took on a few rather than a whole lot. As a leader I can see where the most growth is needed in my group and I am able to assign roles that relate to the members particular strengths. For example, I serve as the Chair of Activities for my Support the Troops Club, and as we were preparing for our walk I assigned …show more content…

At first I was thinking of being a pediatrician, but while I was out completing a day of job shadowing I soon discovered that being a pediatric nurse was the best fit for me. I desire the vast amounts of patient interaction and the chance to be the nurse that provides a calming effect on a child that is facing a very stressful medical situation. I aspired to work in the position that provided me with the most face-to-face time with patient and my research showed that most physicians spent less than twenty minutes with each of their patients ( I also have a goal of continuing my education to become a nurse practitioner. From my career choice I think that it is quite easy to see that one of my top interests is children. I have over seventeen nieces and nephews and I love spending time with them and babysitting. Singing has also been a passion of mine ever since preschool and I have recently discovered a hidden attraction to spoken word pieces. Often times I find myself listening to a song or piece and being simply in awe of the power and expression that can be impacted in the sounds and words from an

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