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1. Develop a theme for the PT roll out
2. The Peer Training is of utmost importance and the time-table must be followed without any excuse – the first 3 sessions are really important to get the momentum going
3. Senior management need to support the seriousness of this programme which is really about performance improvement – and we suggest consequences for non-compliance – the people not pitching for the meeting
4. PT to take place fortnightly or monthly – group or management to decide?
5. Is it possible to have these individual CAPS built into your performance reviews?
6. We need to devise a loop of communication regarding the CAPS that emanate from these sessions
7. For example CAPS to be given to ..................................
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Managers who wholeheartedly invest in P2PC repeatedly report back about the wealth of previously untapped knowledge that they have discovered within their people. To paraphrase, it often sounds like this, “Who knew these people were so brilliant? Why didn’t they ever tell me this stuff before?” How is this a different benefit than the others listed so far?

Managers grow in the faith and belief they have in their people: they expect more so that they themselves feel released and babysitting and micro-managing steadily disappears.
The quality of delegation also improves dramatically.
Makes sense? Yes No
If you ticked No, please expand on your answer.


9. Peer Coaching becomes aligned with self-improvement and growth, and progressing from “good to great.” Any stigma of coaching only being for poor performers, problem children or must-salvage-cases goes away.
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Here are some case studies from our clients:

A. Charisma This company wanted to raise their overall Service Levels from Good to Excellent. To achieve this Aim, they involved every single staff employee within the company and formed groups comprising of staff from different Departments. The initial priority was to identify ‘inefficiencies’ within the business and work out solutions. Then they involved their customers in focus groups to identify areas where service levels could improve.

The problem areas were tackled in Peer Sessions held once a month and the groups also reviewed how well their ‘solutions’ were working. Charisma has completed 32 Behavioural Topics and a balance of 35 Topics still need to be tackled. This programme has been running for 18 months with increased staff satisfactions and higher levels of service successfully attained

B. Liberty Life This company wanted their sales force to be more creative and innovative in closing more deals and increasing revenue. 8 of their skilled trainers were trained to run Peer Sales Training and they were trained to start up new Peer Groups. Specific Sales Topics around Increasing Revenue were selected by the 8 Peer Teams around the

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