Peplua Model Of Nursing Research Paper

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Method of Obtaining Necessary Approvals There are various categories of criteria required for a successful implementation of healthcare practice that are evidence-based oriented. The appropriate method for implementing a plan that will help to create a healthy community is through a community engagement and planning program. The program will comprise of creative diabetic model specific for the mentally ill level of function. According to Warren (2001), mental illness with diabetes is a condition that all stakeholders should take part in controlling it. For example, the family is one the stakeholders that should handle taking care of the society and controlling the mentally ill patients in society. A good plan is one in which all stakeholders …show more content…

Firstly, assessment of patients to determine if the patient is diabetic is done Hemoglobin (HbAlc) to determine its level. According to Yang et al. (2010), the normal range is from 5.9% to 6.4%. Diabetes patients should be provided with information about diabetes and the adverse effects of to the body if not controlled. The Peplua model of nursing theory is used to develop a trusting and working relationship where by the patient engages in the self-care due to The nurse and patient work together so both become mature and knowledgeable in the process (Peplau, n.d.). As outlined in the health belief model, the patient perceives the susceptibility and threat to the life of untreated diabetic condition (As cited in Peplau, n.d). The psychiatric patient who has established interest in engaging in self-care through a program provided for psychiatric patients with diabetes. To explore provisions and resource provided by various interdisciplinary members of the community. Innitial period of two to three weeks is advocated with supervision ,to implement change on a diet to nursing theories approach, is given opputnity to in the community (Hultsjö, & Hjelm, 2012). The method for using the community stakeholders is easier and affordable. Diabetes is applicable when the community observes the diet, practise procedure, and medical prescription. The aspect reduces the arte of diabetes at a higher rate than any other method. The community methods will include the social organization of food in a residential care facility because it is a part of the community strategies. Therefore, all individual methods are used appropriately to form one method that entails the taste of each method used in the past (Lowndes et al.,

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