Performance Enhancing Drugs In Sports Essay

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Athletes, of all ages, should be drug tested before every game or match. If athletes were to be tested before every game, the use of performance-enhancing drugs would be reduced drastically. This would cause younger athletes to stop using performance-enhancers as often, make the games/matches more fair and equal, and it would also allow maturing athletes to be healthier. Athletes wreck their lives and give themselves a bad reputation when they use performance-enhancing drugs. If a professional athlete is caught using performance-enhancers, they do not go undisciplined. For the first infraction, the player is suspended from playing in the next game. For the second infraction, the player is suspended for one hundred games. If the athlete is caught a third time, the player is banned from playing any professional sport for their lifetime. An athlete trading in their professional career to use performance enhancers is not worth it.
Paul Byrd, a former Cleveland Indians baseball player, was accused of taking Human Growth Hormone(HGH) from 2002 to 2005. Byrd purchased nearly twenty five thousand dollars worth of HGH. …show more content…

It is illegal to use the drug without a valid prescription and a doctor's oversight. It, also, is illegal for physicians to prescribe growth hormone for uses not specifically approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.” HGH is said to be the same as taking steroids. It causes an individual to grow muscle mass at a faster rate without all the pain. Many athletes choose to take HGH because it cannot be detected in a urine test. There is one way to find out if an athlete is using HGH which is through a blood test. Blood tests can only taken at the olympic level. HGH is the “go to” drug for professional athletes because it cannot be found in tests so the only way anyone could find out is if they checked payment records of the

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