Personal Eulogy For Mercado

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Personal Eulogy Rough Draft
Mercades Olmos, daughter of Concha and Cosme Hurtado, born May 28, 2000 in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Mother to Acelynn Carrillo. Mercades had a wonderful childhood filled with outdoor trips and love from each person she would cross paths with. Raised before technology took over, she was lucky because she was able to enjoy her childhood the best way possible, with her family. She had 3 brothers, Christopher, Justin, and Jason, but she was fortunate enough to be raised by her grandparents with her two older uncles that she later came to think of as her brothers. As a child, friends and neighbors loved her adorable personality and the fact that she always had something new to say. As Mercades grew older, she started playing
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She was effortful and loved everything about her life, no matter how hard things ended up being.
Mercades had a bright future ahead of her. Her dream was to become a registered nurse. She observed the several people her mom would help every single day and it inspired her to want to do the same task. She also wanted to become a makeup artist on the side. She wanted to do somewhat of her own business from home and do what she loved doing overall. In addition to all of her goals, she wanted to raise a large family and set up a bright future for her kids. Knowing Mercades, she wouldn’t quit until her dreams become a reality.
Mercades was a genuine person that everyone loved. She had a smile that would instantly form a joyous smile on your own face, and laugh that was too sweet to forget. Her heart was made of gold and her mind was always open. She always mentioned that no matter how difficult the challenge, as long as you set your mind to it, it’s possible. God never gives us more than we can
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