Personal Narrative: A Career In Healthcare Jobs

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According to Julie the healthcare jobs are there, but without getting your foot in the door it can be difficult to get a job. She recommends starting out small and working your way up the hospital chain. When she was in college she spent her summers working in the emergency room in attempt to get a feel for the hospital environment. She recommends this to me because she got a lot of valuable experience working in the emergency room. She says that working on one floor can result in you seeing a lot of the same things. For example, working on the physical therapy floor you will end up seeing only things that pertain to physical therapy. She said working in the emergency room she gained lot for knowledge because it is full of many different types of specialties all working in one place. She was able to gain a lot of experience seeing all of this come together in one place. She stated that from her understanding there are jobs and she receives many emails about job openings from a …show more content…

I believe that enjoying your work is one of the most important things. She said what she enjoys most about her career is helping people solve problems and conflicts. She enjoys working with systems, and enjoys spending time breaking them down to find a solution to a problem. The answer to the problem is not usually one person, and is the system as a hole. She enjoys training and retraining to help the system run better. I don’t enjoy asking people what aspects of their job they don’t enjoy, but I thought it was a question I should ask. Since Julies hospital is located in Flint she has had to deal with the issues regarding the Flint water crisis. This is not like her typical duties, and she does not enjoy the politics pertaining to this issue. She also does not enjoy dealing with regulations. She said not all regulations that are put into place in hospitals link to positive patient

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