Personal Narrative: A Critical Injury

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Have you ever caused a critical injury to someone? This story happened to me when I was in elementary school. Soccer is considered as one of the most common sport in my country, so most people like to play it during their free time and so do I. When I was child, my friends and I used to go to the park to play soccer after the school. However, my parents always warned me not to play soccer in bad weathers, but I never listened to them because I did not know the consequences.
One day I woke up in the morning to get ready to school; and the weather was cloudy and rainy. I grabbed a cub of hot coffee and eggs for breakfast. When I was going to wear my clothes and go to school, my parents came to me and said “Do not play soccer today because it …show more content…

Consequently, we started playing soccer without paying any attention to the bad weather. While we were playing, the ground was wet, and everyone could fall down because of the weather. After an hour of playing, the ball was kicked far away, so my friend and I ran toward the ball. While we were running I fell down because of the wet ground, and unintentionally hit my friend’s foot, so he fell down too. He started shouting “My foot”, so everyone came to him to see his foot. When I saw his foot, it was obvious that he got a critical injury because it was swollen. Someone called the ambulance in order to take him to the hospital. Ten minutes later the ambulance arrived and took him. I went with my parents to see him. When we arrived to the hospital, we saw his parents, so we asked them about their son, and they …show more content…

When I went there, everyone in the park was looking at me oddly because I was the one who caused the injured to our friend, but it was hard to persuade them that it was an accident because we were kids. Also, when I started playing, everyone left the park because they thought that I would cause them injures, so they did not want to play with me anymore. Despite going to the park to play soccer for two weeks, everyone kept ignoring me so that hurt my feelings. I stopped going to the park because no one wanted me to play; I also stopped playing soccer because whenever I played soccer, I remembered what happened to my friend because of me. Also, it affected me negatively because I had not hurt anyone before I hurt my friend. My parents noticed that I felt guilty, and I had a bad time, so they tried to make me feel better by telling me “Now he is fine. You should stop thinking about it. It was not even your fault.” It did not work, so I decided not to play soccer

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