Personal Narrative Essay On Skateboarding

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Why do I love to skateboard?
When I was twelve years old I had a good interest in skateboarding and it looked like it was a fun cool active sport. The first professional skateboarder I looked up to was Nyjah Houston he was an amazing professional skateboarder on element skateboards. In 2010 there was a skateboarding contest it was called “street league skateboarding” when I heard about Nyjah Houston entering and street league came on the live stream channel I cheered him on every single round and he won every single round. Then the finals came the best amazing trick in street league history that Nyjah took my eye off the trick he did was a backside 270 blunt slide on the biggest rail and I drop my jaw open and his score was a 9.8 and he was the 2010 street league champion that’s how I got a good interest in to skateboarding

How long I was skateboarding for?
I started skateboarding when I was twelve years old and it has been six years I am skateboarding. My first skateboard was from West49 and it was a dark star complete skateboard. It was a nice and it had a sick graphic and I love it. My first skateboard trick to land was an Ollie it took me a month and 3 weeks to land them successfully. And getting down the pop and front foot slide motion down. Then I took the Ollie down to curbs, stairs, and ledges and learned other flip
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The hobbies I use to like where baseball basketball and soccer then it slowly stopped. When I was 12 years old, I started going back outside more often. Then one night I heard loud noise I saw these other teenagers doing cool tricks of ramps and stairs with their skateboards and tricks they were doing were awesome then one night on my summer vacation I ask my mom and dad that I was interested in skateboarding so asked my mom and dad to buy me a skateboard from west 49 then I learned how to balance on it and ride and learned that’s how I got into

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