Personal Narrative Essay: Why I Love A Sport

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Did you know that there are over 800+ sports in the world1. You could take your mind off of something significant with sports. Sports is a place where you feel free. I have many opportunities to do anything, score, pass, or even dribble. The three main things that make a sport good are skill level, physical activity and strategy.

Soccer, many people love soccer, it is a magnificent sport beloved from all around the globe. Did you know that according to a FIFA estimate, there are 265 million football players worldwide and over 5 million referees, or 4% of the world's population2. One of the many reasons that I love soccer is because I'm excellent at it. Being good at a sport is one of the many reasons that you can love a sport. Physical activity is one of the reasons that soccer is very popular. Unlike golf, in soccer you run around for 90 minutes, making you tired. Soccer is a great way to utilize your energy. Soccer involves many strategies like shooting technique, defending, passing and controlling the ball. Without strategies, all sports would be bad. …show more content…

In basketball, you need to be tall, have a breathtaking shot and be and how to defend. Those skills are very difficult to learn. Unlike soccer and hockey, in soccer you have to run a lot, in basketball you don't because the court is small, so it takes much less energy. In basketball, you have to be in great shape because you are jumping around shooting and trying to block other players, basketball takes lots of leg strength. Basketball doesn't need lots of strategy like soccer because it's a five on five and passes aren't that important because the court is

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