Personal Narrative-Ferret Cage

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When I walked into petco, my heart was pounding,I couldn’t believe I was actually going to get a ferret!My mom and me had made a deal.If I could keep my room clean for a month I could a pet!Though I wanted a rat,but my mom hates rats,we compromised for a ferret!
Anyways as I walked over to the aquarium looking ferret cage,my nose was hit with a musty scent.I started to wonder was the smell going to be a problem?Would my nose get hit with a eye water smell, every time I walked into the house?Yet my fears slowly drifted away,like thundering clouds after a storm,when I saw the peacefulness of the sleeping ferrets.They were all curled up in a fuzzy dogpile.Their little limbs twitching as they fell deeper into rem sleep.
“Madeline,do you want me to go and ask someone to open the cage or do you?”asked my mom interrupting my thoughts.
“Could you do it?”I asked as excitement buzzed through me at the thought of holding such adorable animals and getting to pick one to live with me as my
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When I got home I was surprised to figure out that my sister had put the cage together all by herself, and even more surprised that we had gotten the cage already!We had ordered it offline a couple days ago.But it must have gotten here early!
I set up the cage with with the some spare blankets and the sleeping sacks, we had also gotten offline.It looked quite nice and best of all it looked like Cricket loved it.Oh and I even through in some toys.She loved the stuffed animals but didn’t really care to much about the plastic balls with the bells in them.So I made note of that. With my eyelids starting to drop and Cricket almost falling asleep after the hours of fun,I decided to hit the hay.Surprisingly to me, it was only ten o’clock,which for the winter break was pretty early.Yet I really didn't care my bed was soft and warm with the fuzzy blankets I had gotten from
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