Personal Narrative: Foster Home

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I managed to grasp the basic concepts of learning in grammar school only to succumb to the same people and pressures in high school. I achieved honor roll status in my freshman year of high school. Regardless, I fell off track puberty, peer pressure, and hardheadedness were my worst enemy. I conclude, moving out of my first foster home where I stayed for 13 years would satisfy my curiosities and mysteries of the street. Dr. Moorer states, "Like many of us, I thought I could fix my own problems." My academic achievement led me to believe I was smart enough for the streets. I loss what I learned and worked hard for and found myself in another foster home. I was confused and delusional to believe I could handle both school and the streets. I missed school, my grades declined and I lost interest. It lasted 3 years until I was legally able to drop out of school. The streets triumphed. I experienced darkness after the street lights came on as well as being exposed to profanity, smoking and drinking, but it only lasted for a while. …show more content…

My friend's family from elementary school have me an opportunity to live with them. My grades averaged out to a C which allowed me to see my junior year in high school. My hopes of becoming a senior and finishing high school were fading fast, I knew I would not make it. But, I managed to see my first and only group home. I needed to free myself of any street activities in order to prosper. I joined a martial arts club I prospered. I enrolled in a history GED course and prospered. I prospered for 8 years on my first job provided through the group home. I requested a greater understanding of my existence and purpose. Dr. Moorer suggest, "If you are in a rut, you should seek God immediately." I began listening to streets evangelist and their message was simply get saved. I was used to hearing different terms such as God does not exist and we are

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