Personal Narrative: Frisco, Colorado

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Three years ago in July, my family was surprised with a vacation to Frisco, Colorado. It was my first time seeing mountains, and I was not disappointed. Ever since we returned, I have been in love with the towering rocky formations that unfortunately do not exist along the coastline of Florida. Therefore, if one were to ask me where in the world I would wish to live the most, I would easily insist Frisco, Colorado. There happens to be something about the glittering aspens and white stone coating the mountainsides of Colorado that I love. Frisco in particular, I enjoy more than other mountain town I have been too. There are a multitude of reasons why. For one, as I mentioned earlier, the ecosystem and environment of the Rocky Mountains amaze…show more content…
It is secluded, surrounded by mountains, yet not isolated with no nearby cities or towns. It is a mere ten minute drive from popular tourist cities such as Vail and Breckinridge. It is forty minutes from the state capital, Denver. Nonetheless, the surrounding mountains create a sense of quiet and privacy. The town itself is not a large tourist attraction and safe. My family stayed for three weeks and we befriended several of the locals, who were quite friendly. The town also sports a safe, clean Main Street with a local bookstore, candy shop, barbershop, toy store, and much more. The town itself has a gorgeous outdoor stage surrounded by a lawn with weekly performances and concerts. There is also a pond near the center of the town that in the winter is used for ice-skating. All in all, the town itself and its location render it even more…show more content…
However, my main motives are its mountainous ecosystem, convenient but quiet location, and compatibility with my hobbies and career ideas. Truthfully, I am especially attracted by its mountain location. I love the beach, yet I also truly love the mountains. I believe that I could be perfectly content living up in the north, and so I hope that one day I can own a ranch on the outskirts of Frisco, Colorado. I can still remember the cool mountain air and the glittering aspen trees that dot the slopes of the Rocky Mountains, even though it has been several years. I happen to be only fourteen, and therefore my opinions are probably subject to change in the several years before I head to college, but for the moment Colorado remains the one place in the world I would love to live the
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