Personal Narrative: Haunted Corn Maze

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One day my sister Dakota, my uncle Raven, my mom, and I went to a farm the day before Halloween. At first we were just going to get a few pumpkins but then, I saw a corn maze. I asked my mom “ Can we go in it, please,” My mom said,” If it is free.” I told her thanks. We went to a pumpkin patch to get a couple pumpkins. I picked out a decent sized one with Raven and a couple small ones with my sister. It was getting dark so mom said to hurry up so we could pay. When we got in there it said small pumpkins a dollar and big ones for 4. We paid 7 dollars and on the way out it said haunted corn maze free. I told my mom, “ Look at the sign it says the corn maze is free so that means we can do it right.” My mom said,” It is a haunted

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