Personal Narrative: High Tides

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High Tides and the Hostetter 's, Plus One If you ask anyone, they will tell you that my family is obsessed with the beach. This is not true, we just really like to get our quarterly intake of Vitamin Sea. We normally go to the beach for Fall Break, Spring Break, and Summer Break. There are many different places we like to go, and have many wonderful stories from all of them. But, one of my favorite places is 30A. In the summers, we go to a place called 30A. 30A is a long road that has many different beach communities along it. The place we go in 30A is called Rosemary Beach. The past few years, our friends the Criswells have come with us, but this year they could not. So we decided to bring my good ole friend Katelyn Weber with us. The first day she came, we rode our bikes everywhere down there because I was giving her a tour. That night, we went to a place called Shades Bar and Grill. The best part of that was going down a main road in our little four seater golf cart, annoying all the drivers in our path. …show more content…

If you have never boogie boarded, you are missing out. Boogie boarding is basically surfing, but on your stomach. Katelyn and I got toppled on. The waves were ginormous and we got flipped around and stuck under water multiple times. Another adventurous thing we did, was paddle board. It was probably not very smart, but we went out in big waves paddle boarding. We got tossed and turned around multiple times and it was actually quite fun having the waves coming under us and trying to stay on. We were in the water more than on the board. I wanted to go out farther, but Katelyn was to scared to because of sharks. The whole beach got kick out of us paddle

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