Personal Narrative: How My Preferred Learning Style

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The key to being successful in life, I think, is figuring out who you are as a person. Just as you should know your own strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, you should also know which learning style suits you best. Identifying your preferred learning style sets you up for success by enabling you to work, learn and live to your full potential. While we all have an instinctive preference, or dominant learning type, no one is completely kinesthetic or completely auditory; everyone uses a combination. Knowing how you learn is important as it can enhance your ability to study and retain information more efficiently, and also leave room for improvement in areas that are not your strong suit. Always being self-aware of how you learn allows …show more content…

This would mean that my preferred learning style is a little bit visual and a little bit auditory, depending on the situation. While this makes hour-long lectures, diagrams and note taking a breeze, I struggle in areas that require a more hands-on approach. Of course this does not stop me from participating in weekly labs because I have found ways to work around my minor setback. One example of how I have already learned to adapt is, writing up the procedure before a lab. This helps me envision how each lab will play out and remember important details. Incorporating my learning style in with another makes improving in that area less of a struggle, so I have also found that taking notes, or simply doodling on paper helps me focus more in class. These are two easy strategies I have discovered that help me become a more successful student and person. Aside from the ways I have started adapting, I am committed to enhancing my learning through just two simple tasks: rewriting notes with a splash of color and utilizing flash-cards when I study. Rewriting my notes in color, or by memory, will encourage me to memorize important details and even visualize my notes while taking a quiz or test; I will have no problem with this as it is something I already try to do. Utilizing flash-cards is where I may encounter my procrastination tendency,

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