My Self-Informed Recommendations

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To help me write a well-informed recommendation, please answer the following questions in a paragraph each. I will not duplicate your responses; they will provide me with a guide to use in a positive way. I prefer that you type your responses directly into this document and return it as an email attachment, but I will also accept printed copies in my mailbox in room 338.

1. Think about one reading/writing assignment/other activity from our class that you found interesting. What appealed to you about this text/writing assignment/activity? Be specific.

My favorite writing activity from 10th grade English class was during the short story unit. Before we were assigned short stories to write, there were in class activities involving writing fairytale like passages. Hearing what some other …show more content…

One college I definitely will be applying to is Carnegie Mellon University.

5. List three adjectives that best describe you; explain your choices.

Inquisitive: My greatest incentive to learn is my curiosity. In my spare time, I read science journals such as Discovery, Science, Universe, etc. and science fictions novels such as Time Machine, World Set Free, Journey To The Center of The Earth, Invisible Man, War of World, etc. Some things I 've found interesting and pursued on my own are java programming, number theory, and game developing on the Unity software engine.

Independent: I try not to confine my thinking to someone else 's way of thinking and try to make decisions based on my own observations and judgments. I found this way of thinking to be particularly helpful when thinking about mathematical proofs and, so far, it has been effective elsewhere as well. I find it easier to learn subjects I 'm passionate about on my own before learning them in school. For example, I self-learned calculus and received a 5 on the AP BC Calculus exam in 10th

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