Personal Narrative: How Sports Affected My Life

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The thing about sports is that it never affected my life in the past. Now, this past I’m talking about is before moving into my new home in Edgemont back in grade four. Growing up in my household with three sisters, my parents never put pressure on me to do sports. I grew up revolved around video games and just staying at home. I knew how to kick a ball around, and participated in elementary school gym but nothing more than that. Until we moved houses to Edgemont where I had met my neighbor named Jordan. He greeted me on the first day I moved in my house, and that’s where our friendship ignited. A few weeks went by with just casual hellos and small chat until his mother had invited to an exhibition soccer game near a field by our houses. I was there to make new friends in the community, and to meet a few new …show more content…

Literally every day of grade 4 to 5 we played hockey outside, rain or snow we were out there. I was determined to start the school year with something different about me, that I played sports.

Fast forward a couple of years, I was heading into my final year of elementary and a hobby of mine became going to Jordan’s hockey game’s whenever I was invited. I was so fascinated by watching hockey that it made me ask my dad to enroll myself for community hockey. See that’s when I realized that playing a sport could open so many new doors, and going into Peewee which is a division in hockey where at that time there was body checking allowed. Which was kind of scary to me! I was scared, that I might be injured and not able to play hockey. When I first got on the ice at Brentwood arena, I didn’t even know how to skate. I knew a couple of guys on the ice, and luckily one of the coaches had helped me develop my skills, just a quick 10-minute lesson. I knew work had to be done, I spend countless amount of hours on the outdoor rink in Edgemont, learning how to skate. Even YouTube came through at that time. Now it was

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