Personal Narrative: How Baseball Has Changed My Life

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Ever since I was four years old, I have done nothing but immerse my life in the sport of baseball. When I was born, the story told was that my Dad had the Cincinnati Reds game on in the hospital room, and one of the first things I saw was the T.V. My Mom said when I was laying in her arms, I had my eyes fixed on the game. I was always around the game. One of my first birthday gifts was a little foam bat and ball. My Dad would toss it to me in the living room and try to teach his one-to-two-year-old child to hit. But I wasn’t really put into the game till I was four years old. Baseball has impacted my life more than anything I have lived through. I believe baseball is more than a sport; it is a teacher. I am now nineteen years old playing most boys dream. I am playing a sport at the collegiate level. Baseball has been a part of my life for fifteen straight years. Some people might ask,” is it even fun anymore?” My answer is no. Baseball is all I have ever known. It has been my relief and friend. By far the hardest thing I have been through is watching my Grandma fight and die from cancer. One of my Grandma’s favorite things to do was watch me play ball. But, when I …show more content…

If you could summarize baseball in one sentence it would be, “Baseball is a game of failure.” If you can fail 7/10 times and still be considered one of the Greats to play, then you must have a persevering heart. No one likes to fail, but to play this game you need to know how to deal with it. All my years of playing baseball, failing is one thing I have come to deal with. You have to have the mindset that there is always going to be another pitch or ground ball. You can’t dwell on a past mistake. Move on and forget about it. I carry this mindset in all areas of my life. There is always the next step. You either stay where you are at or you move forward. This is why I believe baseball is more than just a

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