Personal Narrative: Life After High School

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Kids swarmed all around me, jumping like restless frogs in and out of the water. It was my boyfriend’s little brother’s seventh birthday party and I was either wondering if they were happy to see me or to see the ice cream cake I had brought. That’s when I saw him. He was sitting next to my boyfriend, Sebastian. Sebastian’s best friend is Will and I’m not excited today, but Will is also my ex-boyfriend. Will had always made me feel good about myself unlike Sebastian. Like always though, Will was already pumped to break the piñata. Keep in mind he’s a senior and still acts like a child sometimes. Basically the main reason why it didn’t work out between us. People think that it’s wrong to think that your boyfriend’s best friend is hot, but it’s …show more content…

For instance my best friend, Carol, suggest I break up with Sebastian and try to make things work out between Will and I. Bad enough, kids from my school already think bad about me and I don’t want to do anything that might prove their point. I’m also planning to be homecoming queen this year. It’ll be hard for me to become queen for two main reasons; 1. I am only just a junior and 2. Half of the whole entire high school hate. It’s not my fault that my phone rang in the middle of class and Mr. Mills gave us all F’s on our semester tests. It’s not like i planned it or anything. I even tried going up to the superintendent and tried fixing things. On my contrary, it didn’t work. I was so upset not only because everyone hated me but because that was the first time I had failed anything in my whole entire life. Besides, my driver’s license. I really don’t count that as failing mostly because the cones weren’t in a straight enough line. My best friend had always know how to comfort me. From the day I had failed that driver’s test to the day my phone rang in the classroom. Back to my boy drama, Carol had told me to break up with Sebastian and go out with Will. Today was finally the day I had the guts to do

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