My High School Diploma

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Living a life of not knowing whether you have a high school diploma can be a painful and an embarrassing burden to bear. I have lived this life for some time now and recently found out the truth in the worst way possible. While being offered a job, the background check came back with the fact that I did not earned my high school diploma. I’m not dumb. I can say this with confidence. I’ve always been a hands-on type of person, and I learn best by experiencing things versus reading about them. All through my school career I was an average kid. A “B” grade would earn high praise from my folks which didn’t happen very often. I would always seem to make just a high enough grade to get me through a semester. Then I would take an exam that …show more content…

He decided that it would be a good time for me to start contributing to the family. I had worked summer jobs since I was 14, but when school started it would be time for me to focus on my studies. That was no longer the case after my junior year. I was informed that I would need to find an after-school job to help with the family’s expenses. I was now a man and expected to help support the family. So, I did, and found employment at a local burger joint working over 40 hours a week. This really didn’t bode well for my education as I wound wind up sleeping through most of my classes. My grades declined even more although I managed to make it to my senior year. By my senior year I started out making a pretty solid effort. Sadly, during that year the relationship between my stepfather and I had become tense, making my focus on school much harder. I had all but given up. My scores would be so low that even making a 100 on an exam would still put me short of a passing grade. My mind was no longer interested in school and on the last day of school, I was gone. I didn’t care to know what my final grades would be. I moved out of my parents’ house and started working full-time. I would visit my mother from time to time, but never heard anything from her about my final grades, which would have been mailed at the time. I would think to myself that maybe my teachers had taken pity on me and given me the few points to

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