Personal Narrative: Moving To Idaho

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When I moved to Utah to Idaho I was three years old. My family and I lived in a brown two floor house in utah with my uncle Martin for a while until he moved out. My cousins, aunts, and uncles used to come visit every single second. We weren 't ever alone. When we moved to Idaho it was just my family living in Idaho in a light brown house with a star on top. When I got older we used to visit them frequently and stayed for weeks there until we had to come back to Idaho. I didn 't personally want to go back to Idaho because most of my cousins lived in Utah and none of them in Idaho besides me. Once we came to Idaho my sister kept complaining how boring Idaho was and she wanted to move back to Utah because she misses them. I didn’t really mind since I already made friends in my neighborhood that were my age, but I did miss…show more content…
They impacted my life because we learn from each others mistakes. Like I had this one friend, she was a girl. Same age as me. I met her in second grade and I didn 't like her because she thought she was better than anyone else. I talked to her but we will just argue over something that wasn 't even important, in the second grade. I made her cry which I felt bad now that I look back. I don 't remember what I said or what I did that made her cry but I didn 't get in trouble for some reason. When second grade was over I moved houses and schools. I didn 't see her then. After three years later or so I saw her again. She changed. I remembered her right away and she remembered me. I talked to her and she wasn 't stuck up which was good thing for me. But once I started talking to her we became friends. She started to talk about her personal life. Some of her stories made me feel really bad for her. She made me realize how bad her life was for some years of her life especially in a young age. I still talk to her to this day but, I learned so much from her experiences that I don 't want
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