Personal Narrative: My 5th Grade Science Class

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Ding, Ding, Ding! It’s the start of 5th period. I am in Mr. Lippert’s 6th grade science class. Today, there is a test on the unit I hate so much. Something about magma that comes out of the water or something like that. I was very nervous mostly because I forgot to study also. I break a sweat and I finally start the test. Once everyone else was done, we started to grade our tests. I then realized that I got a horrid grade. I only got like 60% or something like that. I was stressing so badly. My grade would probably go down to a low B or C. I went home and studied a lot. The next day, I went to Mr. Lippert’s classroom and retook the test. He told me it was “Excellent” and I got 100%. In the end, everyone was happy, well mostly just me.

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