Dual Enrollment Analysis

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Being satisfied with accomplishments only sets people at a certain level of grit for a lifetime. People can never grow more round as a student, athlete, or character without taking shots in life. As a student, I was always great at academic level classes by earning and receiving high grades. Until I was recommended for Dual Enrollment United States history, I had never understood how much extra work I had to put in to be successful and grow in that college level class. I had a test coming up on The American Revolution, I studied three hours to earn my first 100% on a college test. halfway through the year, we were assigned a research paper in the class. I chose the unit I had the most difficulty with because I wanted to have a greater …show more content…

I always get nervous when I feel I have to perform the best I can. I went to the camp and did great in hitting and fielding; my performance caught the attention of the head coach and he said he would like to stop by my high school to see me play a few games this upcoming year. He told me, "I am not willing to take any student athlete who is not willing to run the extra mile or to take the extra 100 swings a day." So every morning before school, I took 100 swings off my tee and after school, I ran an extra mile. Over the course of my season, I saw dramatic improvements and they were just in time for the game the college coach stopped by to see. After the game he approached me to say we would like me to come down to the college to have a personal meeting on April thirteenth. My goal for my junior season was to receive the single season hit record for my school. I fell just two hits short of the record my sophomore year. But the following season of my sophomore year, the game schedule was changed to much more difficult teams. knowing the higher competition in the following season made it much more difficult to achieve this record. I asked my coach if we could get more live reps against pitching because it would have been the best way in preparing for the greater

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