Positive And Negative Effects Of Homework On Students

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“This kind of busy work, by its very nature, discourages learning, and instead promotes doing homework to simply get points.” - a Stanford researcher (Parker “Stanford Research Shows Pitfalls of Homework”). At schools all around America students are receiving up to three times the amount of homework they should be receiving (“Kids have three times too much homework, study finds; what 's the cost?”) and it 's causing many different issues. While other people say the amount of homework is fine, and it helps students practice, and it also allows parents to know what students are doing at school. They are wrong students all around America are receiving excessive amounts of homework and it needs to be changed because students are stressed and receiving…show more content…
Even though cortisol may be good for raising blood sugars when students need an energy boost it can also lead to a greater risk of diabetes. ( Museum of Science and Industry “You the Experience”). While most people could argue that stress is an everyday thing in life that kids should learn to overcome, but the weakness is that the amount of homework it takes to cause this much stress is causing health problems that should not have to be dealt with because of excessive amounts of homework. Other health problems caused by homework that students have reported are headaches or migraines. A migraine can cause severe throbbing pain or a pulsing sensation, usually on just one side of the head. It 's often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and extreme sensitivity to light and sound. (Mayo Clinic “Migraine Symptoms and Causes”).More reported health problems are stomachs and exhaustion, and as many could imagine all of these symptoms can cause students to become distracted during class or unfocused.The final issue relating to health issues caused by excessive homework is sleep deprivation. Some symptoms of sleep deprivation are memory issues, trouble with thinking and concentrating, mood swings,weakness of the immune system, Developmental issues, weight gain,…show more content…
A study conducted by a Stanford researcher showed that when students are given too much homework it can become counter productive to what the students learn in school. (Parker “Stanford Research Shows Pitfalls of Homework”). This is important because if homework is becoming counterproductive, it is likely to make students dislike school and homework, which can make kids avoid and forget about doing it which leads to detentions and so on. Another way homework is not benefiting students is that it 's not teaching them anything new but making them repeat what they learned in class, and while kids need to know what they are doing and practice some student don 't need that practice and are forced to repeat what they know so they don 't get terrible grades. One way to change that used by a teacher in San Francisco what she has done is give a worksheet and if a student gets 90% or higher they do not receive homework that night unless the student would like to take the homework for extra practice that night and both ways it is automatically counted as an A. (Wilde Greatschools, “Do our kids have too much homework?”) The final reason homework is not benefiting students is that most homework is claimed to prepare kids for next year considering both amount of homework they receive and what they learn in class. While most parents would say kids need to know what they 're going to be doing the next

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