Personal Narrative: My Basketball Experience

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Since I was a little kid all I’ve done is play basketball. Every season for the past 10 years I’ve always been ready to play. When I was little I started out playing in rec leagues. I played in those all the way up to the 7th grade. When started middle school I wanted to try out for the team. Usually in rec you just signed up and paid and you got to play, but now I actually had to be good enough to try out and make the team. I tried out and did my best. I got cut. I was super upset I didn’t make the team. I played rec again that year and kept practicing until next year's tryouts. Then when 8th grade year started I tried out again. I got cut. Again. So again I played rec basketball. The summer going into my Freshman year I knew I had to change something to make the team. I worked out 3 times a day 5 days a week. I ran every morning, did basketball drills in the afternoon, and swam laps in my pool at night. When it came time to try out for the team I felt I was ready. When tryouts came around, I actually made the team! At my …show more content…

That experience taught me a valuable lesson about being realistic and figuring out what would be the best decision for my life. However it didn’t end there. As you know I never give up and even when I’m told to stop or I’m not good enough I still keep going. My coach texted me about a week later and told me he made a mistake and he would want me to be on jv. That season for jv I started out from being cut, then being the very last guy on the bench, to then working my way up to be a starter for some games and getting lots of playing time. It’s now my senior year and I’m on varsity. We’ve played some summer games and I did alright. I’m ready for my last season and hopefully we can make a championship run. Being realistic I know I’m not going to be the star player this season but if I can accept my role and do anything I can to help my team win at the end of the day I’ll

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