Personal Narrative: My Experience As A Secondary Nurse

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The simulation that I just experienced was a patient that just had surgery to help with her having colon cancer. The patient was confused and was wanting to go home. The patient also pulled out her NG tube out because she did not want it. We as the nurse had a hard time because we did not set her NG tube up to suction up correctly so anything we did was not helping. She kept saying over and over ageing that she wanted to go home. My role in this experience was being the secondary nurse. Some previous knowledge that I could have help with this experience was to communicate with the patient more and just reinforce that she is okay and tell her where she is at. My beliefs working with this patient was to help the patient be a little bit calmer so that she could eventually go …show more content…

I felt frustrated and confused because the patient kept wanting to go home and also the patient was vomiting all over the place so we could not send her home because she was not well enough or in her right state of mind. I notice that she the patient pulled out her NG tube out and she was had her body half off the bed like she was going to walk out of there. What I thought about the situation is that we should listen to the patient but also make we as the nurse’s help her get better so she can go home. Some other information that we may have needed was if she was even competent to make her own decisions and two to see if she had any kind of advance directives that would tell us or who we need to contact for her. My observations led me to believe that her vomiting and coughing were due to her pulling out her NG tube. My goal for the patient would be to help her get better quick so that she can go home. One stresses that I had was not knowing what to do for the patient like putting down the NG tube because one she needed it and she was vomiting and two she did not want the tube at all. The patient did not like the tube going down but it had to be done so that she can get

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