Patient Scenario Analysis: Wound Care

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For this vSim assignment, I had to repeat the scenario three times before obtaining 100% on it, since I had forgotten about a few important steps when assessing my patient, and in my second try, I had forgotten to check the patient 's electronic health record even though I had already fixed my previous mistakes in the assessment. Three of the most important things I had to do differently in this scenario were to ask the patient about allergies to maintain patient safety before administering any drugs ordered, use the incentive spirometry to improve breathing and educate her about it since she had a hard time breathing due to pain, and educate the patient about wound care at the end before discharging her. Performing the procedures I missed in …show more content…

Then, I can be able to evaluate outcomes. During my assessment of Sara Lin, I was able to find out that she was experiencing a pain level of 6 and was having a hard time breathing. If I had not asked her and assessed her pain, I would not have found out that she was having a hard time breathing and that I needed to educate her about using an incentive spirometer to help ease her breathing, which I actually forgot to do during my first attempt at this scenario. During this scenario, I also learned how important patient education is to help my patient understand her situation and how she should properly care for her condition. For instance, I had forgotten during my first attempt to educate Sara about proper wound care. I realized how important it is to incorporate all aspects of her situation, not just how she is feeling pain and has a hard time hearing, but also to focus on her wound. If I had not educated her about wound care, then she would not know how to properly care for her wound, and this might lead to a risk of infection or bleeding and slow time

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