Personal Narrative: My Move

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The day began like any ordinary day except on this day a scene I envisioned for years was about to occur. Finding me trapped in a moment in space and time with a huge decision to make as my heart kept pounding [IT/DC].
Growing up I was fascinated with extreme flips. I longed to learn the front flip. I had no professional training only a bunch of old mattresses to practice on. The move was not hard to execute, but mentally it fiddled with my mind. I always envisioned myself doing it in school for a small crowd.
The weather was dull with the clouds refusing beams of sunlight to shine through. The wind blew eastwards as I stood socializing with friends. An old friend approached me and insisted that I liven up the atmosphere. Agreeing I started …show more content…

Perched up high again my neighbor a gymnast encouraged me as he climbed up and backflipped off the fence, the crowd went crazy screaming for more I knew it was time. It was not as I had envisioned it but harder riskier and better. I found myself trapped in a moment in space and time with a huge decision to make as my heart kept pounding. With flashbacks of the practices and fails and everything, I endured learning this move running through my mind. I knew it was now or never. Trusting that with God all things I possible I took the leap of faith closing my eyes and hoping for the best. I felt my feet smack the ground, as I landed the front flip. I rose up and stood straight with my fellow student raising my arm as if I had won a great battle, the crowd went insane roaring as I ripped out my outer shirt and threw it to the crowd. It was better than I had envisioned it. My left ankle was sprained a little but the pain is temporary and glory lasts forever. The lesson I had picked up from this was that sometimes we have to fail, fall and be buried in dirt, so we put all our faith in God with no doubts in order to reach

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