Personal Narrative: My First Day At Job Corps

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My first day here at Job Corps seemed very long. When I first arrived in the front I had to sit in a little room close to the front office I had to sit there with a couple of other kids. After sitting there for a while security came and took all of our bags to the security room to check for anything we couldn’t have. After that, we had to follow some staff who took us to get our uniform which took a minute because everyone took turns to use the bathroom to change. They gave us 3 pairs of polo shirts and 3 pair of regular school slacks. They also told us if we come to school without uniform then we would have to pay 5 dollars which comes out of our check that they give us every two weeks. After getting uniforms they took us to a classroom where we met Ms. Bridget. She was nice. She told us all kinds of stories and things we shouldn’t be doing while in the Job Corps program, which was like a big heads up. Then she tried to get to know all of us she started asking us questions. At first nobody wanted to speak we were all kind of shy being around new …show more content…

Once we all had our food and we were all at the table we all agreed that the tacos they made that day were really nasty which kind of made some of us upset because we were actually hungry. After lunch, we all went and sat back in the classroom for the rest of the school day. Towards the end of the school day we all went to grab our luggage from the security room which had been checked by now and security took what we couldn’t have because it wasn’t safe. We then all took our luggage to this white van which was going to bring our stuff towards the dorm so we wouldn’t have to walk our entire stuff across the campus. Once we made it to the front we grabbed our things and they showed us to our rooms, after getting settled the rest of the day was nice we all met new faces and just had

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