Personal Narrative: My Future At Southwest Minnesota State University

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The future is one of the most intimidating thoughts a senior in high school has, and it should be. The decisions an individual will make as a high school senior will have an everlasting effect on their future. It is a huge decision to decide where to go to college, or more importantly, what major out of hundreds to pursue. This is a difficult task and many people struggle with it. It is important to pursue what makes you happy, and I believe I have it figured out. Southwest Minnesota State University has been in the back of my mind since around tenth grade. Last spring, I attended a junior day at SMSU and I really enjoyed the layout of the campus, as well as the various accommodations the campus provides. Since last spring, I have visited the campus a number of times for various events. Each time I step foot on the SMSU campus, it grows on me a little more. I grew up in a small town, and I love the small town feel at Southwest Minnesota State. A school the size of SMSU in my mind is the perfect size. I feel like I would be comfortable and be able to focus on my studies at SMSU. If I have any free time during the fall, I also love to hunt and fish. Southwest Minnesota State is only an hour from my home town, so I will be able to trek back home often to enjoy my hobbies. This small town feeling is evident when visiting the Southwest State campus.…show more content…
There is no better feeling than seeing a problem click for a student. Witnessing a student’s progression in a certain subject is thrilling in my mind, and these moments are what drives me to be an educator. Education is vastly important in order to have a functioning society, and I want to make a difference by spreading the knowledge I will learn at a four-year university. In the summers when I will not be teaching, I plan on being a part of the community by perhaps coaching some baseball and volunteering in various youth

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