Personal Narrative: My Life As A High School Athlete

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I believe that every day is training day. As a high school athlete, sports are a way of relieving the stress of everything that is going on in my life. For me, that stress is relieved is when I step out on a soccer field with my team and we play to our best capability for 80 minutes.
Any athlete knows that in order to become a great and dedicated athlete you have to put in the work and be passionate about what you do. When I was an eighth grader going to be freshman I thought I knew this already, as I did play soccer every year since I was five (I was fourteen at the time.) Although, that summer going into freshman year I realized I had my work cut out for me.
Summer practices started the first week in June every weekday from eight o’clock …show more content…

I told my best friend how nervous I was. She was nervous as well (she was trying out for the team,) I felt relieved that I wasn’t the only one. When tryouts rolled around I came out and gave it my all, turns out all that hard work pays off because I made varsity.
One year later, I became a sophomore in high school. When season came around it was the same routine. Summer practices, pre season and tryouts all over again, except something changed, my passion for the sport. The love I had for the sport just was gone, I didn’t go to summer training and I hardly went to pre season, I told my mom I was done. Her being the mother that she is, she practically forced me to play. Once I stepped out on the field I realized how much I would have regretted not being on a team who has so much potential.
As the second year of varsity with almost the same group of girls, our bonds with each other grew even stronger on and off the field. We became a team who set goals and achieved them but also put in the work we needed to every single day. They made me strive to become a better soccer player and to put in the work every day of training to know the athlete I am capable of being and the person I am. So for this, I

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