Personal Narrative: My Love For The Golf Team

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In seventh grade, my buddies and I considered trying out for the golf team and imagined it would be an exciting task to venture. The previous summer, I had gone to the golf course and practiced a generous amount of time on my game and I believed I would be skilled enough to make the team. Also, I had friends that were on the team the previous year and that gave me an extra incentive to try out. In seventh-grade, after trying out for the golf team, I made it. Making the team sparked the greatest passion for a game I have ever had, and it has become my life rather than a hobby.

When my friends and I made the golf team our seventh-grade year, we had an absolute blast. Everyday with all of them out at the golf course made it enjoyable to practice since I was having fun while doing it. The more I practiced, the better I became, and the quicker I started moving up …show more content…

I continued striving every day and ultimately the practice paid off and I won an invitational my eight-grade year and winning was the greatest sensation I had ever endured. As the years have gone on, I have worked harder and only become more passionate for the game. I have endured an abundance of success which included advancing to state this past summer and competing there was like a fantasy.

Discovering the game of golf sprouted a passion within me and that passion grows more each day. I have learned that I relish the journey of success and admire seeing results. Discovering golf was one of the greatest things to happen to me and I savor each second of practice time I get. Finding golf has made me a harder worker and has helped me carve a portion of my future. I dream of playing Division 1 golf someday and I know those dreams are within my grasp if I sustain my work ethic. With everything that I have gone through with golf, if I had an opportunity to go back, I would not alter

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