A Narrative Essay About A Baseball Person

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At three years old, I fell in love, and it's a love affair that has continued to this day. All I remember is wanting to hit with my dad every second of every day. Now if you go ask him, he will probably take credit for how good I've become as a player. But that's another story on its own. Baseball has had my heart ever since my little hands were big enough to pick up a bat. Recently, I experienced the most important moment in my baseball career to date on one sunny weekend at a baseball field in Cartersville, just northwest of Atlanta.
On that sunny day in Cartersville, there were baseball scouts as far as the eye could see. Any team you could put your mind to was pretty much there in attendance. I remember this day perfectly because I had recently talked to Georgia Tech’s assistant coach about coming to watch me play at this game. So, as the game started I peeked at the backstop to see if he was present, but he wasn’t. I saw Virginia, Georgia, Kennesaw State, Troy, Alabama, Mercer, and a couple other college coaches when I …show more content…

I was catching when there was a runner on first in the first inning, and as the pitcher threw the next pitch to the batter the runner on first took off for second and I gunned him out at second to get the first out of the inning. The group of fans we had were pumped. As the same batter steps back into the plate he says, “Dang kid nice cannon." I replied “I appreciate it homie." He then stepped back into the box and proceeded to take his at bat. He stroked a single up the middle next pitch. Then I watched his lead off at first and noticed he has a huge lead. So, I anticipate him stealing the next pitch. The pitcher throws the pitch and he doesn’t run so as soon as I received the pitch I threw it to first and he was out by 3 steps. I went on to throw two other base-runners out in the later innings and the fans were loving it along with the

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