Personal Narrative: My Softball Tournament

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My Softball Tournament My softball team has been playing in the state tournament for three days straight, in the scorching hot sun. I had blisters on my hands and dirt in my shoes. My team had gone to play against the best teams in the state. I was so excited that we won our first two games. Finally the time had come, the whole team meet at the field.They were ready and prepared for whatever the team had to offer. As we warmed up we glared at the other team as they shot back hateful eyes. They were big, strong and ready to play us. My team went to the dug out and we got fired up. Everybody was on there cheering and jumping up and down. We were hitting the ball first! We knew that we could hit off the others team pitcher, which made us even more …show more content…

Then it was my turn to hit i walked up to the plate.There were two people already on the base with my heart pounding and my knees shaking. I was getting so nervous, anxious and i wanted to hit the ball as hard as i could. As i'm watching the pitcher put her arm back my heart started pounding. I saw the ball and swung at the flash of green going threw the air. I heard the ball hit the bat, but sadly it was a foul ball. With one strike on me now, I look at my coach for the signal, he told me to hit away. I saw the ball flying toward me has fast as lightning and I swung. I heard the ball hit the catcher's glove and the umpire yelled strike. She pitches the next pitch and i saw the ball coming at me, I swung with all my power. I heard the crack of the ball and I ran full speed until I reached home plate As it was getting closer to the end of the game it was getting hotter outside. I was playing left field, i was backing up every person I could. I remember thinking all i want to do is make a play that everybody would remember. A player from the other team had came up to bat and she was big and looked like she could hit the ball hard. I got in my position and watched our

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