Personal Narrative-The Rapper

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The time I was perfectly happy, was when I saw Chance the Rapper. It was amazing! Going to this concert was my first concert since I moved here to Dallas. It was different from what I was used to.The venue was smaller than the ones I usually go to in Las Vegas. The venue I went to was the Bomb factory. It was really nice. Okay, so back to the concert. The night went a little like this around six thirty I start getting ready. The doors opened at nine so I planned to leave at seven fifteen. I do my hair and makeup which wasn 't really a long process but, choosing what I wanted to wear. Well, that was something else. I tried on about six outfits before I chose the perfect one. It was seven ten when I finally finished. So I grabbed my keys told my parents I was leaving and headed out the door.I got in my car and headed…show more content…
I had to park half a mile away. It wasn 't even a real parking spot. I parked in an apartment complex. I was so worried my car would get towed. As I was walking towards the venue I found the line for the concert. It was six blocks long. Six blocks oh my goodness it was so long.I waited an hour and a half long just to get into the concert.
I was fortunate enough that I got there early cause I got to the venue before the concert even started. I was so worried about missing the opening act but, I made it just in time.I get checked in and I head to my section. I had a balcony seat and the view was amazing. There wasn 't anyone in the way and I could see the stage perfectly.
The concert started and the opening act came out. I wasn’t too much of a fan of his music. His name was Francis and the lights. Doesn’t that sound like a band? Or am I crazy? Well, it definitely wasn’t a band. It was just him singing I really didn 't feel it.After he was finished Chance the Rapper finally came out! I kid you not everyone jumps out of the seat screaming and cheering.It was almost as if the President had
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