Personal Narrative: The Wolves Hawks Tournament

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Wolves Hawks Tournament

Tweet! Tweet! Tweet! The referee’s whistle blew as the game ended. One Friday afternoon this summer me, my sister Jadyn, my Dad, my Mom, my teammate Luke, and Luke’s dad Mr. Vogelaar arrived in Novi, Detroit finally after what seemed like twenty hours of driving. I had a soccer tournament called the Wolves Hawks Tournament. On the way to our hotel my mom had to pick up booklets and wristbands for the tournament because she is the team manager and that is one of her jobs. After that, we went to our actual hotel Double Tree. It’s my favorite hotel because when you walk into the lobby you get shocked by the amazing smell of warm baked cookies.

My friends arrived shortly after I arrived. I went swimming with Mason, …show more content…

Thats we definitely didn’t want to score or win. The tension was building as the time was ticking of the clock “tick tick tick.”

Fifteen minutes later Wolves scored. It went the whole rest of the way with that score ending up 1-1. So if we win we would win the tournament.

As we were doing stretches the nerves piling on top of eachother. We all knew this was going to be an intense game. The last game of the tournament was a 6-1 win over Roadrunners. “Hooray! We did it we won the tournament!” I thought. While we waited, to get our trophies we huddled up in a circle and yelled, “Ole! Ole! Ole! Ole! We are the champions! We are the …show more content…

We went inside and my teammate Victor called us up one by one. When he said “ Tyce” I had a smile on my face and felt very proud.

Soon after, we took a team picture with our trophies. I took an individual picture and one with my sister. My smile was ear to ear I was so happy.We went home with my teammate Luke.

Then, something hit me…

My stomach ached in pain as we lurched down the highway. Also, my head hurt and I felt a little dizzy. We immediately got off at the next exit because I was in so much pain and because I was so hot it was like I was sitting in the middle of the sun. My dad pulled over at the nearest spot so we could stop. I quickly sprinted across the street and laid down in a ditch.
“ Am I even going to stay alive because of this pain and heat” ,I asked my dad.

He replied,” You’ll be alright.” “Are you sure”, I answered.

“Yes, he responded.

A little later, I was good enough that we could finally go home.

When we got home I jogged up the stairs to sort out all the medals and trophies I'd ever won! Id’e won fourteen medals and four trophies. It me hours to carefully sort out all the medals on hooks. My brand new trophy front and center in the spotlight. I just sat back and smiled my big beautiful

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