Personal Narrative: What I Learned In Business

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The impression of reflecting on what I have learnt over the preceding weeks are often frustrating struggle for me since I habitually contend that I have learnt nothing! Though, incredible that I suppose I might not comprehend that I am actually learning and altering my judgments and philosophies on materials of any significance. Being conversant with the new originations and thoughts often necessitate a great deal of reading, writing, group work and active participation on module forums which can construct a bit of intellectual reluctance but also ask probing questions for the purpose of learning activities. Irrespective in the end, I recognize that I have learnt because I have proficient new ideas, thoughts and intuitions to new tools, technologies …show more content…

I for one person who comes with no business background but wish to venture into the world of business as an entrepreneur owning a pharmacy business after completing my Masters in Business Administration degree. When I started off with this unit Developing the Professional I had described myself as a person with a circular shape. The reason for identifying myself as a circle is because I am a person who tries to make sure that all activities around my reach are accomplished well before time and make sure that all the people within my environment are able to feel my presence as I tend to have lot of empathy and consideration for others feelings. This nature is the result of my nurturing and the hard work of my parents who have prepared me to be the person I am at present. Also the career of the pharmacist and few years of community practice have helped me develop empathy and consideration for one and all where I am provided with the ability to understand their situations. All shapes have their own advantages and disadvantages which an individual has to work on to improves on where need arises. For me the advantage of being a circle is that I always try to make the world go round if not round than I still try and make thing work out for people just because of our loving nature which is able to influence others, therefore I tend to treat everyone around me equally. Circular personality comes with few drawbacks and my major pitfall is that due to my considerate and empathetic nature people are able to take advantage of my decision making skills be manipulating me and having decisions ruled out their way. There are ways which can help minimize this manipulative decision making by letting those people know that no matter what my

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