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and a confidant to those around me. However, I felt that I was not a trusting person and made sure there were barriers between me and others personally and professionally when it came to advancement within the organization. I noted my most significant values were honesty and integrity, independence, competition, respect, accountability, self-awareness, and communication. I believe this assessment is still relevant today. Lastly, I strive to be an amiable person that puts a great amount of effort into building relationships and coalitions. As stated previously, challenging opportunities and the chance to effect change motivate me; I tend to run towards those tough, challenging, and messy opportunities as opposed to less challenging ones. Taking on the Executive MBA program at George Mason University, at this current time is an example of that. 360 Benchmark Report In 2012, I enrolled in Stephen R. Covey’s course, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. This course was a week-long and went into a detailed discussion on what Covey considered the seven habits of highly effective people, and a 360 Benchmark report was used to rate my personal and interpersonal effectiveness. I had 26 people contribute feedback (self, two supervisors, 10 peers, and 13 direct reports) which would be useful to me within my organization and in my personal life. Below I detail the 7 habits and the feedback I received. • Be Proactive. Being an effective person starts with being proactive in all

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