The Chicago Police Torture Scandal

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My interest in being a part of the CUNY Law Review was peaked when I came across a CUNY Law Review article as I was preparing my research paper on police violence. G. Flint Taylor’s “The Chicago Police Torture Scandal: A Legal and Political History,” put into prospective the continuous outcries of the citizens of Chicago regarding police violence against people of color as well as the cover-up by the local political and legal systems. Particularly with the recent decision by the Chicago District Attorney’s office to charge a police officer for the execution of 16-year old Laquan McDonald after withholding video evidence for over a year. Though much has changed in Chicago since the torture scandal, it is clear that a lot more has to be done as there continues to be an issues of accountability and swift action when officers step across the line from public servant to criminal. …show more content…

This past summer I interned for a judge, though that was a great experience, I know there is always room for improvement and being part of the Law Review would give me that opportunity. This work is for people passionate to serve and as a law student focusing on working with marginalized communities, I think this is a great opportunity to hone my skills and be connected to a body of people that share the same passion. CUNY Law Review Staff members seem to have a special bond which would benefit my overall experience as a law student.
If given the opportunity to become a CUNY Law Review Staff member, I will bring the skills that I have obtained throughout my academic pursuits in addition to my work experience. I possess strong research skills as well as excellent organizational skills. I am dedicated, energetic and enthusiastic. I place a high value on quality and I thrive in team environments. When given a task, I rise to the challenge as I have done throughout my academic

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